Radio Classique has over 1.2 million listeners a day. For over 10 years, the radio has taken the gamble of selecting programming that focuses on mainstream classical music and quality information, with programmes hosted by radio professionals. Our presenters - Guillaume Durand, Nicolas Pierron, Eve Ruggieri, Christian Morin, Laure Mézan, Albina Belabiod, Alain Duault, Olivier Bellamy, PPDA, Claire Chazal, Francis Drésel and Elodie Fondacci– embody the station and its values. They share a passion for music, culture and information, they advocate a certain elegance when presenting their programmes, and favour above all the quality of their content whilst ensuring it remains attractive and accessible to all.

Radio Classique also provides coverage of the leading musical events in France, broadcasting over 50 live concerts featuring the most prestigious orchestras and soloists, as well as new ensembles and the prodigies of tomorrow. Radio Classique is delighted to this year commence a major partnership with the Evian Musical Encounters which is totally in line with this philosophy of sharing, simplicity and excellence.  



To give prominence to this exceptional event, Radio Classique will be bringing listeners an extensive schedule of programmes so they can experience the high points of these encounters live. This includes programmes and special guests live and with an , a free concert with the Modigliani Quartet and six major concerts broadcast live.





The Town of Evian is the official and logical partner to the Evian Musical Encounters and Evian Music Academy, which is organised jointly. The town once again wishes to encourage contact with music and musicians and offer new opportunities to festivals by hosting concerts, recitals and music events in the heart of town. 
In association with the tourist office, the town is also renewing its support of the Evian Musical Encounters by providing various means of communication (banners, decorations, signs, etc.).  
Finally, the Town of Evian provides a non-stop transportation service to the Grange au Lac, in particular via the funicular railway, as well as car parks to make parking near concert venues easy.





Each year, Evian's Music Academy, created in 2009, brings together 200 participants and 50 teachers, session leaders and supervisors, plus a team of active volunteers. Its educational actions are divided into four areas - Orchestra, Superior, Song & Jazz - plus a workshop called "A different approach to music" for young musicians from local communes in and around Evian. 


The "Superior" section is based on masterclasses organised by the Evian Musical Encounters and on training given by internationally renowned teachers who are invited by the Academy. 

Evian Music Academy is a partner of the Evian Musical Encounters and organises the fringe festival from 29 June to 16 July. With around thirty events, from a recital through to a concert by a symphonic orchestra, the fringe also proposes conferences and interviews. 

 The fringe talent stages welcome students from the Academy as well as young performers and local music formations. 

 Jazz in Evian, from 18 to 23 July, takes over from the classics with a series of outdoor musical evenings. 


Organised by the Evian association "Arts et Musiques Eclectiques" (Art & Eclectic Music), the Academy receives support from the town of Evian, groupings of local communes, the Departmental Council and many other local players. Opens external link in new





La Maison des Arts du Léman (Performing & Visual Arts Centre) is an official partner of the Evian Musical Encounters, responsible for stage management, welcoming the public and ticketing. 

The Maison des Arts du Léman is an association formed in 1991 which receives funding from the Ministry of Culture, the Rhône-Alps-Auvergne Regional Council, the departement of Haute-Savoie and the communes of Thonon, Evian and Publier.  It is a regional theatre aided by the Ministry of Culture and its head office and administrative buildings are based at the Maurice Novarina Theatre in Thonon. 

 Each season, the Maison des Arts du Léman offers a rich and varied line-up of events including theatre, dance, music, song, jazz, children's shows, festivals and more.  Almost 80 performances and annual events are on offer in Thonon and Publier as well as at the Grange au Lac, Evian Casino's theatre and all over the Chablais region on the French side of the lake.  Over the past ten years or so, along with support from groupings of local communes, the Maison des Arts du Léman has set up the decentralised initiative of "Les Chemins de Traverse".